5,25" Floppy Discs

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As shown in the picture, our double-density (96tpi) disks come with a hub ring, two write-protect notches and two index-holes. The high clip level of the magnetic surface ensures error-free data storage over years. Our double-density disks are guaranteed to work in single-density (48tpi) drives. Our 96tpi floppy disks are only available in very small quantities - please request a price quote by e-mail.

Our high-density disks are plain 1.2M disks (135tpi) as used with early AT-PCs. Since flipping the disk is not required with this format, these disks come with a single index hole and a single write-protect notch. Also, since 1.2M disk drives have more sophisticated mechanics, a hub ring is not required.

Please note that high-density disks cannot be used in double-density or single-density drives.

All disk types are deliverd "bulk" without stickers and without envelopes. The black vinyl of our disks is free of polybromide flame retardants, so our disks are RoHS-compliant.


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