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Micromys v5 slim.jpg
Micromys V5 V5 (slim)

Micromys lets you use a modern optical mouse with your C64, Amiga, Atari ST/Falcon, Atari800 (V5 only) or VIC20 (V5 only) computer. A USB mouse can be used with a USB to PS2 adapter, provided that the mouse supports the PS2 protocol. While other interfaces may offer the same functionality, Micromys have their strength in the small details: The flexible mechanical construction does not put mechanical stress on the mouse/joystick port of your computer. Even the mouse wheel can be used in C64, VIC20 and Amiga programs. Hot-plugging is supported, and operation with KVM switches is flawless, while our competitors often don't work at all in such configurations.

For the C64 and VIC20, the adapter will emulate a Commodore 1351 proportional mouse. Programs like Prophet64, MSSIAH, Geos, GoDot and others that use a mouse will work without any additional drivers and with the comfort of a modern mouse or trackball. Even the joystick-emulation mode of the 1351 is implemented! Additionally Micromys can emulate paddles (V5 only) or even the koala pad (V5 only).

Atari ST/Falcon users can only use two mouse buttons, but will enjoy the hot-plug compatibility, which has not been demonstrated by any other mouse adapter for that computer.

For the Amiga, there's two modes of operation: One that allows using the adapter without any drivers, emulating a 3-button mouse (as shipped with some A3000 models), and another mode that allows using the mouse wheel in conjunction with our free driver. Both modes work flawlessly without any drivers and let you use the Amiga's early startup menu.



Micromys V2

In case you wondered what happened to "Micromys V2", it's an intermediate design that was never available in the shops. Individual Computers has bought the design in a half-working state from Marko Herold and did major updates to the code, which justified the version bump to V3.

Micromys V3

Micromys V3 can be configured for the different target systems by DIP switches. Read more about the product on the dedicated Micromys_V3 page.

The design is RoHS compliant now, and it's compatible with Amiga and Atari ST.

Micromys V4

Micromys V4 is the second generation of Micromys which implements a highly sophisticated auto-detect function of the host computer, so DIP switches are not required any more.

Micromys V5

The current incarnation is Micromys V5 - which has all the features of V4, plus support for VIC20 and Atari800, plus added paddle-, trackball- and koala pad emulation. See the Micromys V5 product page for more.

Installing the Amiga driver

Download the driver here. The archive contains the driver, an installer-script and instructions in AmigaGuide format. The instructions are available in English and in German. These drivers can be used with AmigaOS V2.0 and higher. Wheel movements are passed into the system according to the "Newmouse" standard. MUI programs will recognize this without any further software. All other programs require an additional program like Freewheel, which is available on Aminet.


For some computers Micromys provides support for additional buttons, which needs additional software support. Look at the Micromys Protocol page for details.

  • VICE mouse test/example code for 1351 and NEOS mouse on C-64 and VIC-20



  • Amiga driver for 68020 and higher processors; install script: Micromys.lha (June 2009)
  • Amiga driver only, re-compiled for 68000 processor (binary only): Micromys_68000.lha (March 2013)



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