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Chameleon is an extremely user-friendly multipurpose cartridge that can be used without opening the computer. It is just plugged to the expansion port of the C64. It can also be operated as a stand-alone unit (since it's basically an FPGA computer like the C-One in a C64 cartridge case), replacing the computer, the floppy drive and the heavy power supply. A docking station providing 4 joystick ports and connectors for an Amiga or C-64 keyboard is available.

  • VGA-output with 60 Hz refresh rate or more.
  • Turbo function with full 6510 processor compatibility (incl. illegal opcodes). For the first time, a C64 accelerator that does not use a 16-bit processor, but an accelerated 6510. (see Benchmarks)
  • REU (memory expansion) with up to 16 MB RAM.
  • GEORAM (memory expansion) with up to 4 MB RAM.
  • MMC/SD card slot with MMC64 compatibility and optional MMC64 ROM emulation.
  • Full 1541-emulation (2 Drives).
  • SID emulation with filters (Two SIDs are emulated with selectable base address of 2nd SID).
  • Connector for a PS/2 mouse (emulation of 1351 and Micromys).
  • Connector for a PS/2 keyboard (Joystick emulation available on numeric keypad).
  • Freezer (compatible with Retro_Replay). ROMs can be stored in onboard flash or read from MMC card (as .crt or binary files).
  • Emulation of the following utility and game cartridges is available: 8 or 16 KByte (EP)ROM cartridges, Simons' Basic, Ocean type 1, FunPlay, Super Games, Epyx Fastload, Westermann Learning, C64 Game System (system 3), Warpspeed, Dinamic, Zaxxon, Magic Desk, Comal-80, Ross, Mikro Assembler, StarDos, EasyFlash, Prophet-64, Mach-5, PageFox, Business Basic (S'More).
  • Emulation of the following freezer cartridges is available: Action Replay, Retro_Replay, Final Cartridge 3, Expert Cartridge, KCS Power Cartridge, SuperSnapshot 5, Capture.
  • Battery-backed real time clock (RTC)
  • IR receiver for CDTV remote control.
  • Connector for RR-Net (MK2 needs a patch to work in standalone mode).
  • USB link to a PC for debugging and data transfer.


User Information

Mailing List - subscribe here to get in touch with the developers and other Chameleon users. Since all developers read this, it is also the preferred way to report bugs.

Developer Information

System Overview
  • The Chameleon programming manual from the above release.
    • RTC example by Paul Förster
    • header files defining a lot of constants related to the chameleon hardware can be found in the devel directory of the latest release archive

Feel free to contact us, preferably via the mailing list, if you have any questions not answered in the available documents.

Related projects

Here are some Chameleon related projects that we know of. Please notice that all of these are created and maintained by other Chameleon users, which means that Individual Computers does (and can) not provide any support for them.

  • Chameleon cartridge and dockingstation DIY Labels
  • Qchaco is "a frontend running chacocmd with parameters to upload a file, a diskimage or flash it with new firmware."


  • ZX-One is a Sinclair Spectrum FPGA core which has been ported to the Chameleon hardware by Alessandro Dorigatti.



The Chameleon is currently not available through resellers. During the beta-phase, we have a special offer for the Chameleon and a CDTV remote control in a value pack in our direct Shop


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