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Chameleon VIC20 is a Commodore VIC20 core created by Peter Wendrich using software by Individual Computers.


Chameleon VIC20 20150818


  • run bandits from megacart -> joystick left does not work. reset and load joystick test from vice repo - it works. weird :)
this applies only in cartridge mode to the joystick connected to the c64, using the emulated joystick on ps2 keyboard (and the remote!) works
  • in bandits when moving the screen left/right (cursor keys) the border logic does not work right

Test Programs

Test Core
via_pb7/main-exp.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_t1crash/via1crash.prg yes
via_t1crash/via2crash.prg yes
via_t1irqack/bandits-via1-8k.prg yes
via_t1irqack/bandits-via2-8k.prg yes
viavarious/via1.prg yes
viavarious/via2.prg yes
viavarious/via3.prg error (B, D, J)
viavarious/via3a.prg error (B, D, F, H)
viavarious/via4.prg error (E, K)
viavarious/via4a.prg error (A, G)
viavarious/via5.prg error (E, F, K, L)
viavarious/via5a.prg ok
viavarious/via9.prg Breaksemu.png error (I)
viavarious/via10.prg Breaksemu.png ok
viavarious/via11.prg Breaksemu.png ok
viavarious/via12.prg Breaksemu.png ok
viavarious/via13.prg Breaksemu.png ok
irqnmi/irqnmi-vic20irq-8k.prg error
irqnmi/irqnmi-vic20nmi-8k.prg error
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