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Chameleon VIC20 is a Commodore VIC20 core created by Peter Wendrich using software by Individual Computers.

Please notice that this core is mostly unsupported and was created to make it easier for us to debug the VIA - which is also used in the 1541 drive emulation in the Chameleon core. We still encourage you to report any bugs - however fixing them does not have high priority right now.


Make sure to pick the right core for your hardware:

  • chameleon_vic20.rbf for the first version of the chameleon (blue buttons, uses breakout cable for power)
  • chameleon_vic20_v2.rbf for the second version of the chameleon (black/white/red buttons, uses mini USB cable for power)

Chameleon VIC20 20190415

older releases:

Chameleon VIC20 20190321 Chameleon VIC20 20190131


  • run bandits from megacart -> joystick left does not work. reset and load joystick test from vice repo - it works. weird :)
this applies only in cartridge mode to the joystick connected to the c64, using the emulated joystick on ps2 keyboard (and the remote!) works
  • in bandits when moving the screen left/right (cursor keys) the border logic does not work right

Test Programs

Test Core
via_pb7/main-exp.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_t1crash/via1crash.prg yes
via_t1crash/via2crash.prg yes
via_t1irqack/bandits-via1-8k.prg yes
via_t1irqack/bandits-via2-8k.prg yes
viavarious/via1.prg yes
viavarious/via2.prg yes
viavarious/via3.prg error (B, D, J)
viavarious/via3a.prg error (B, D, F, H)
viavarious/via4.prg error (E, K)
viavarious/via4a.prg error (A, G)
viavarious/via5.prg error (E, F, K, L)
viavarious/via5a.prg ok
viavarious/via9.prg Breaksemu.png error (I)
viavarious/via10.prg Breaksemu.png ok
viavarious/via11.prg Breaksemu.png ok
viavarious/via12.prg Breaksemu.png ok
viavarious/via13.prg Breaksemu.png ok
via_sr/viasr00exp.prg ok
via_sr/viasr04exp.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr08exp.prg error
via_sr/viasr0cexp.prg ok
via_sr/viasr10exp.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr14exp.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr18exp.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr1cexp.prg ok
via_sr/viasr00iex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr04iex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr08iex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr0ciex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr10iex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr14iex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr18iex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_sr/viasr1ciex.prg Breaksemu.png error
via_mapping/bugvicevia1.prg ok
via_mapping/bugvicevia2.prg ok
irqnmi/irqnmi-vic20irq-8k.prg error
irqnmi/irqnmi-vic20nmi-8k.prg error
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