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Commodore Products
C64reloadedMK2 final proto.jpg
C-64 Reloaded MK2
C64 Reloaded.jpg
C-64 Reloaded
Chameleon on dock.jpg
Chameleon with docking station
Nequester front.jpg
Keyrah v2 birdseye.jpg
Keyrah V2
Competition Pro Retro
4 Player Adapter
Micromys1 xxl.jpg
Micromys V4
Indivision AGA MK2cr2.JPG
Indivision AGA MK2
X surf 100 xxl.jpg
X-Surf 100
Aca1220 20 1 xxl.jpg
Aca1232 ec40 1 xxl.jpg
Rtc mod 1 xxl.jpg
RTC Module
Buster1 xxl.jpg
SuperPLA V3

C64reloadedMK2 final proto.jpg
C-64 Reloaded MK2

Featured Product

The Commodore 64 Reloaded MK2 is a C64 Motherboard for building a C64 on your own. The board is shipped with empty ZIF sockets for the key chips such as CPU, port chips, sound/video chips. All other components are already assembled and pre-tested before shipment.



ByteBlasterMV is a JTAG download cable for Altera CPLDs and FPGAs

Nequester is a Next-generation networks VoIP router with integrated WAN modem and sophisticated WLAN functions.

Chameleon with optional Docking station and CDTV remote control - C64 Multifunction Cartridge, 1541 Emulation, CPU turbo, VGA and affordable FPGA platform

Catweasel - Multipurpose Shugart Diskdrive controller

Keyrah V2 lets you use keyboards and joysticks of classic computers on the USB port of a modern PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi.

PCI POST-Code display - a Diagnosis-board for all computers with PCI slots

TrueIDE is a converter that allows you to use up to two Compact Flash cards with your IDE controller.

12V DC power supply - perfect for the C64 Reloaded.

Mini-DIN keyboard adapter

Sold out    C-One   Gemini   Keyrah

Retro Computer Products

5,25" Floppy Discs for classic Home- and Personal Computers

Commodore Billboard/FUNET Archive CD - The Double CD for Commodore and Amiga Fans!

Competition Pro Retro - re-release of THE classic joystick for all retro-systems with 9 pin joystick port, like Amiga, C64, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Atari 8bit, Atari ST, MSX.

Micromys lets you use a modern mouse with your C64, Amiga or Atari ST/Falcon computer.

SuperPLA V3 is a replacement part for the Commodore PLA chips used in the C64, PET, C16/116/Plus4, C610, C710, 1551.

Sold out    8 Bit Baby   Micromys V3


Keyboard Stickers to make a regular PC keyboard more suitable for C64 purposes.

4 Player Adapter that can be used with the C64, C128, VIC20, PET and CBM610.

Cartridge Cases for all C64 cartridges with standard dimensions.

C64 Reloaded MK2 is a fully C64 compatible motherboard with a bunch of extra features.

Micromys lets you use a modern mouse with your C64, Amiga or Atari ST/Falcon computer.

Silversurfer is a high speed serial port for the clock port present at MMC64, MMC Replay, Retro Replay

CSG8701-replacement - a replacement for the custom timing generator chip used in C64 and C128 computers.

Nordic Replay - the successor of the Retro Replay comes as an affordable DIY construction kit.

RR-Net - a 10Mbit network card for the C64.

GMod2 is a cost effective game cartridge for OEMs.

MOS6510 CPU for the C64.

CSG8580 Soundchip for the C64.

Sold out    MMC64   MMC Replay   Retro Replay   MP3@64   C64 reloaded


Accelerators (ACA1232, ACA1233n, ACA1221ec, ACA500plus)

Keyboard Stickers to make a regular PC keyboard more suitable for amiga purposes.

Memory expansions (A604n, A512, BigRamPlus, BigRAM2630)

Commodore A1200 Reloaded will be a new AGA motherboard.

Buster-11 chips - which correct a number of bugs that are present in the -7 and -9 revisions.

Bridgette chips - integrated bus buffer that is used in the A4000 and A4000T.

Ramsey chips - in the A3000 series and A4000T machines, the Ramsey is responsible for addressing RAM and producing DMA addressing.

Fat Gary chips - gate array for the 32-bit A3000/T and A4000/T.

CDTV remote control - the original remote control for the Amiga CDTV.

Indivision (Indivision ECS, Indivision AGA MK2) is a family of Flickerfixers that provide high resolutions and connectivity to modern displays.

ISDN Surfer is a ISDN card for "big box" Amigas.

RTC module for the clock port.

Lyra 2 and Lyra 3 let you use a PC keyboard as an Amiga keyboard

Micromys lets you use a modern mouse with your C64, Amiga or Atari ST/Falcon computer.

Silversurfer is a high speed serial port for the clock port

RapidRoad is a Dual high-speed USB module for Amiga computers

VarIO is a multi-IO card for the Amiga computer with 1x high-speed serial and 1x EPP/ECP parallel port.

X-Surf-100 is a Z2/Z3 autosensing 100MBit Ethernet card for the Amiga computer.

Knowledge Base


DB9-Joystick - pinouts and 2/3 button modification

DB9-Mouse - pinouts

DB9-Lightpen - pinouts

DB9-Paddle - pinouts


DOS HowTo - how did loading a game work again?

Replay HowTo - short introduction into using the software that runs on Nordic Replay and Retro Replay

Benchmarks - for the curious


Fixing the clock generator circuit on a ASSY250407 board using the CSG8701-replacement


Harddrive setup with TD64



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