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Commodore Products
C64reloadedMK2 final proto.jpg
C-64 Reloaded MK2
Mk3 a1200 prototype.jpg
Indivision AGA MK3
ACA1221lc red.jpg
C64 Reloaded.jpg
C-64 Reloaded
Chameleon on dock.jpg
Chameleon with docking station
Nequester front.jpg
Keyrah V3
Competition Pro Retro
4 Player Adapter
Micromys v5 wide.jpg
Micromys V5
X surf 100 xxl.jpg
X-Surf 100
Aca1220 20 1 xxl.jpg
Aca1232 ec40 1 xxl.jpg
Rtc mod 1 xxl.jpg
RTC Module
Buster1 xxl.jpg
SuperPLA V4

Buddha plus one.jpg
Buddha Plus One

Featured Product

Buddha is a top-class IDE controller for Amiga computers with Zorro slots. It has been for 27 years now, and the IDE interface remains relevant for backing up harddrives, using CD- and DVD drives (readers and writers), and CF cards, as a cost-effective way to replace an SSD.

Buddha Plus One adds a few features to the extremely successful design



Nequester is a Next-generation networks VoIP router with integrated WAN modem and sophisticated WLAN functions.

Chameleon with optional Docking station (and a cable to use it for minimig), CDTV remote control, IEC Cable - C64 Multifunction Cartridge, 1541 Emulation, CPU turbo, VGA and affordable FPGA platform

Catweasel - Multipurpose Shugart Diskdrive controller

Keyrah V3 lets you use keyboards and joysticks of classic computers on the USB port of a modern PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi.

PCI POST-Code display - a Diagnosis-board for all computers with PCI slots

TrueIDE is a converter that allows you to use up to two Compact Flash cards with your IDE controller.

ByteBlasterMV is JTAG download cable for Altera CPLDs and FPGAs

12V DC power supply - perfect for the C64 Reloaded and C64 Reloaded MK2.

Eizo Flexscan S1933 is a perfect monitor for use with Chameleon, Indivision ECS V2 and Indivision AGA MK3

Spare Parts:

Mini-DIN keyboard adapter, IDE Cable, Clock Port Cable

Sold out    C-One   Gemini   Keyrah   Keyrah V2
Retro Computer Products

5,25" Floppy Disks for classic Home- and Personal Computers

Commodore Billboard/FUNET Archive CD - The Double CD for Commodore and Amiga Fans!

Competition Pro Retro - re-release of THE classic joystick for all retro-systems with 9 pin joystick port, like Amiga, C64, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Atari 8bit, Atari ST, MSX.

Micromys lets you use a modern mouse with your C64, VIC20, Amiga, Atari 800 or Atari ST/Falcon computer.

The Autofire Module adds a programmable autofire to all computers with standard DE-9 Joystick ports that provide +5V at pin 7 (like C64, Amiga, Atari ST/Falcon, Atari 800)

Spare Parts:

SuperPLA V4 is a replacement part for the Commodore PLA chips used in the C64, PET, C16/116/Plus4, C610, C710, 1551.

Square DIN-5 Power connector as used for the Amiga500 and C128.

Keyboard Stickers to make a regular PC keyboard more suitable for C64 purposes.

4 Player Adapter that can be used with the C64, C128, VIC20, PET and CBM610.

Cartridge Cases for all C64 cartridges with standard dimensions.

C64 Cases for all C64 motherboards.

C64C keyboard mount kit for mounting the keyboard in all C64C cases.

C64 Reloaded MK2 is a fully C64 compatible motherboard with a bunch of extra features.

Micromys lets you use a modern mouse with your C64, Amiga or Atari ST/Falcon computer.

Silversurfer is a high speed serial port for the clock port present at MMC64, MMC Replay, Retro Replay

Nordic Replay - the successor of the Retro Replay comes as an affordable DIY construction kit.

RR-Net - a 10Mbit network card for the C64.

GMod2 is a cost effective game cartridge for OEMs.

Spare Parts:

SD Card Slot for MMC64, MMC Replay and Chameleon

CSG8701-replacement - a replacement for the custom timing generator chip used in C64 and C128 computers.

CSG8580 Soundchip for the C64.

Sold out    MOS6510   MMC64   MMC Replay   Retro Replay   MP3@64   C64 reloaded

Amiga OS - the operating system for the Amiga.

CA-PSU is a high quality modern power supply for the Amiga.

Accelerators (ACA1232, ACA1233n, ACA1221ec, ACA500plus)

Keyboard Stickers to make a regular PC keyboard more suitable for amiga purposes.

Memory expansions (A604n, A512, ACE2b, BigRamPlus, BigRAM2630, A2048)

Commodore A1200 Reloaded will be a new AGA motherboard.

Buddha is an IDE controller for the Zorro slot of Amiga computers.

CDTV remote control - the original remote control for the Amiga CDTV.

A1200/A600 CF interface - a fully buffered CF interface

PCMCIA CF card reader that can be used with A600 or A1200 computers.

Indivision (Indivision ECS V3, Indivision AGA MK3) is a family of Flickerfixers that provide high resolutions and connectivity to modern displays.

ISDN Surfer is a ISDN card for "big box" Amigas.

RTC module for the clock port.

Lyra 3 lets you use a PC keyboard as an Amiga keyboard

Micromys lets you use a modern mouse with your C64, Amiga or Atari ST/Falcon computer.

Silversurfer is a high speed serial port for the clock port

RapidRoad is a Dual high-speed USB module for Amiga computers

X-Surf-100 is a Z2/Z3 autosensing 100MBit Ethernet card for the Amiga computer.

X-Surf-500 is a 100MBit Ethernet extension for the ACA500 and ACA500plus accelerators.

AmiTCP is a TCP/IP stack, available for X-Surf customers.

P96 is an RTG software package for the Amiga.

Spare Parts:

CF card slot replacement, as needed for the ACA500 and ACA500plus

PCMCIA slot replacement for Amiga 600/1200

Plexi glass panel replacement, as needed for the ACA500 and ACA500plus

male and female DB23 Connectors for Amigas

DVI-I Cable replacement, as needed for the Indivision AGA MK2cr

Buster-11 chips - which correct a number of bugs that are present in the -7 and -9 revisions.

Bridgette chips - integrated bus buffer that is used in the A4000 and A4000T.

Ramsey chips - in the A3000 series and A4000T machines, the Ramsey is responsible for addressing RAM and producing DMA addressing.

Fat Gary chips - gate array for the 32-bit A3000/T and A4000/T.

Alice AGA is the key of the AGA chipset

and various other ICs: Symbios SCSI chip, Gayle A1200, Budgie, Paula, Lisa, Agnus, Akiko, 6571R6PD



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