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ACA1231 is an accelerator for the A1200 computer. This was an OEM product exclusively made for Vesalia and to the specifications of our customer Vesalia. All support questions should be directed to our customer. We do not provide direct support for OEM products.


ACA1231 cards are based on the Motorola 68030FN processor (the SMT version). These processors were provided by the project partner for this accelerator Vesalia. The CPUs were NOT run through the quality control system of individual Computers. There are three versions:

68030 clocked at 41,666MHz

68EC030 clocked at 41,666MHz

68030 clocked at 25MHz


All ACA1231 cards come with 64MBytes fastmem pre-installed. For OS3.0 users, these cards have 1MByte autoconfiguring memory only. ACAtune will add 62MBytes of memory to the system manually on start-up. For Kickstart version 3.1 or higher, the memory is detected and added automatically by the OS. Please note that the special memory organization of the ACA1231 always reserves 1MByte for the Fastrom option, which cannot be used as normal fastmem. Since the Z2 memory area remains unused, the card is 100% PCMCIA compatible.

available ACAtune options

ACA1231 only supports a very limited number of ACAtune options. Tuning options like Z2 options, fastchip and cacheing of areas that should not be cached under normal conditions have been removed for stability reasons. All access speeds have been optimized for the highest possible safe speeds.

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