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Aca500p pre production.jpg
Aca620 4 xxl.jpg
Aca1220 20 1 xxl.jpg
Aca1232 ec40 1 xxl.jpg

Individual Computers' line of 68k-based Amiga accelerators is called "ACA", which stands for "Amiga Classic Accelerator".

The following models belong to the line of products:

  • ACA1231 (2011 - OEM product for Vesalia)
  • ACA1232 (2012 - several versions)
  • ACA1220 (2012 - several versions)


ACAtune is a tool that will let you activate and deactivate certain functions of our accelerators. Please note that ACAtune has been the general tool for our accelerators until 2015. Starting with the release of the ACA1221 in 2015, this tool will not be maintained any more. It's functions are now replaced by more specific tools and libraries. If you own an ACA1233n or ACA1221EC, don't even bother to download this tool - it won't support your new card.

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