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We apologize for the delay - the ACA1233n software package is still in beta state. The latest version can be downloaded here: Media:ACA1233nLib.lha. It includes all documentation in Guide format, uses an installer script which also sets the right MMUlib configuration, ACAMparom supports loading Kickstarts from files, and the ACASwitchCPU command lets you disable all memory, reducing the A1200 to a plain 68020/2M Chipram computer.

Older versions: Media:ACA1233nLib_Beta2.lha and Media:ACA1233n_ALPHAtools01.lha (please only use if you encounter problems with the latest version and want to verify/compare against older versions!).

register reference

If you want to do low-level programming for the ACA1233n, please consult the ACA1233n_registers article. Please note that hacking hardware registers is not the recommended way of controlling your accelerator. Register reference is only given for people who do not use classic Amiga OS (for example M68k Linux or BSD). If you use the classic Amiga OS, please only use the ACA1233n library.

library reference

Functions of classic OS library are described in the the ACA1233n.library article.

use with Z-IV Zorro board

We do not recommend the use of Zorro expansions at all, as most of them don't even come close to a real Zorro implementation. However, the Z-IV board is the only one that comes very close to this goal, and you may be able to get it working properly in a well-grounded tower case with a proper DC-DC converter-based power supply. Note that the standard P8/P9 based power supplies are mostly NOT DC-DC-converter based. Further, please note that the Z4 board has been equipped with 47µF/16 electrolytic SMD capacitors that need to be replaced (ideally with ceramic capacitors) for proper operation after all these years.

The Z-IV Zorro expansion was sold under different names, such as "Winner Z4" or "Elbox Z-IV". Please note that neither Vesalia, nor Elbox are the manufacturer of this board. It was originally designed and manufactured by ACT Elektronik GmbH from Recklinghausen, Germany. The jumper position to be used in conjunction with the ACA1233n is:

  • CFG M: open
  • CFG 0: close
  • CFG 1: open

Thanks to Benedykt Dziubałtowski for this jumper information.

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