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Products by individual Computers Jens Schönfeld GmbH (hereafter: "iComp") are designed and intended for use in private environments. They are not designed, authorized or warranted for use in life support systems or other critical operations. Customers who wish to do so do it solely at their own risk.

Information provided in the iComp mediawiki is provided "as-is" without any warranties, neither express nor implied. Should you wish to base any financial decision (such as a buying decision) on the information provided here, please re-confirm this information in writing with an iComp employee or reseller.

Information provided in the iComp mediawiki is highly technical and understood to require substantial knowledge about computer technology. By using the information of the iComp wiki, the user/customer confirms that he/she has the required education and has passed the equivalent exams of the degree that's associated with the level of technical documentation provided here. If you do not have the education to deem this technical information plausible or not, please refer to an expert before making a decision or taking action that requires an iComp product to be fit for a particular purpose.

In no case can iComp be held responsible for any damage that results from use of the information provided in the iComp wiki.

Names and other trademarks referred to within this mediawiki are property of their respective trademark holders. We're not affiliated with any of the mentioned trademark holders.

Nequester is a registered trademark of individual Computers Jens Schönfeld GmbH.

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