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ACA1232 is an accelerator for the A1200 computer.



ACA1232 cards are based on the Motorola 68030 processor (the PGA version). These processors are used and may show scratches and dents. All processors are completely tested prior to installation on an accelerator, and all processors are guaranteed to work at the speed that's printed on them. Individual Computers does not sell ACA1232 boards with overclocked processors. Different versions are available depending on CPU availability:

  • 68030 clocked at 20MHz
  • 68EC030 clocked at 25MHz (without MMU)
  • 68030 clocked at 25MHz
  • 68030 clocked at 33MHz
  • 68EC030 clocked at 40MHz (without MMU)
  • 68030 clocked at 50MHz


All ACA1232 cards come with 128MBytes fastmem pre-installed. For OS3.0 users, these cards have 1MByte autoconfiguring memory only. ACAtune will add 126MBytes of memory to the system manually on start-up. For Kickstart version 3.1 or higher, the memory is detected and added automatically by the OS. Please note that the special memory organization of the ACA1232 always reserves 1MByte for the Fastrom option. This resereved memory area cannot be used as normal fastmem.

available ACAtune options

ACA1232 only supports a very limited number of ACAtune options. Tuning options like Z2 options, fastchip and cacheing of areas that should not be cached under normal conditions have been removed for stability reasons. All access speeds have been optimized for the highest possible safe speeds.

50MHz limited edition

Starting mid-november 2015, a limited edition of this card is offered, using a 50MHz-rated 68030 CPU with full MMU. This card has a completely new SD-Ram controller, especially geared towards handling a higher CPU clock while maintaining all timing requirements of each and every component of the card. That means: No part of the card is overclocked. All components are operated well within specifications. Previously, customers have overclocked our cards to obtain a 50MHz version, but these cards have shown instabilities because memory and the memory controller were also overclocked. Most of these customers went back to using the original (and guaranteed!) clock frequency.


ACA1220 and ACA1232 share the same board, and they are very similar (if not identical) in handling. They therefore share the same instruction sheet. Every card comes with one German and one English instruction sheet. You may also get a translation from your reseller in your local language.

English instruction sheet

German instruction sheet

possible required board modifications

Commodore and Escom have made all kinds of mistakes when assembling A1200 motherboards. Internal memos from Commodore are available that clearly say to remove capacitors E123C and E125C for any version of the Budgie chip, yet, you can find lots of boards out there that have these capacitors assembled. Less often, but at least as severe, some boards have capacitors E121C and E122C assembled. This will harm the quality of the 14MHz board clock to a degree where most accelerators (not just ours!) become instable.

You cannot tell from the board revision or the year of your board if the capacitors have been assembled, as practically all revisions have been assembled with all combinations of chipsets and timing fixes (required or not). Your only chance is to check your individual board and remove the capacitors if they are there. There is no reason for these parts to be assembled, other than some Commodore employee's excuse about not getting the memo.

Only our latest accelerators ACA1233n and ACA1221ec have implemented special logic that can handle most of the timing errors caused by wrong assembly of the A1200 main board. These cards may work reliably, although the mentioned capacitors are installed. We still recommend to remove the capacitors, as they have other negative effects, too.

ACA 12xx Benchmarks

Benchmarks are measured with AIBB and the popular Sysinfo tool. While AIBB gives detailed information about the performance in specialized cases, Sysinfo will only give you a rough estimation of the performance you can get. We recommend to download the AIBB modules and compare the specific test results against your machine - this will give you much more information about a certain strength or weakness of the card you're comparing. Fastmem performance is measured with the freely available tool "Bustest". Only the "read multiple" and "write multiple" values are given here. Results may vary slightly due to cache alignment differencies.

Product name Sysinfo Dhrystones AIBB module download Fastmem included Fastmem performance r/w Chipmem performance r/w MMU retail price incl. VAT comment
ACA1220-16 3320 media:AIBB_ACA1220-16.LHA 128 MByte 11.8 / 17.7 MB/s 4.2 / 4.5 MB/s no -,-- discontinued per apr-2014
ACA1220-20 3998 media:AIBB_ACA1220-20.LHA 128 MByte 14.2 / 21.3 MB/s 4.7 / 5.1 MB/s no 104,90 EUR
ACA1220-25 4266 media:AIBB_ACA1220-25.LHA 128 MByte 17.6 / 21.4 MB/s 6.1 / 7.0 MB/s no 114,90 EUR
ACA1220-33 5712 media:AIBB_ACA1220-33.LHA 128 MByte 23.6 / 28.8 MB/s 6.3 / 7.0 MB/s no 129,90 EUR
ACA1220-40 6867 (n/a) 128 MByte 28.3 / 34.5 MB/s 6.4 / 7.0 MB/s no -,-- EUR not officially sold (overclocked)
ACA1232-20 4553 (n/a) 128 MByte 13.3 / 21.3 MB/s (not tested) yes 124,90 EUR
ACA1232-25ec 5708 media:AIBB_ACA1232-25.LHA 128 MByte 16.6 / 26.7 MB/s (not tested) no 119,90 EUR
ACA1232-25 5708 media:AIBB_ACA1232-25.LHA 128 MByte 16.6 / 26.7 MB/s (not tested) yes 134,90 EUR
ACA1232-33 7529 media:AIBB_ACA1232-33.LHA 128 MByte 22.2 / 35.7 MB/s 6.2 / 7.0 MB/s yes 154,90 EUR
ACA1232-40ec 9045 media:AIBB_ACA1232-40.LHA 128 MByte 26.7 / 42.9 MB/s 6.4 / 7.0 MB/s no 159,90 EUR
ACA1232-40 9045 media:AIBB_ACA1232-40.LHA 128 MByte 26.7 / 42.9 MB/s 6.4 / 7.0 MB/s yes 184,90 EUR
ACA1233-40 9045 media:AIBB_ACA1232-40.LHA 128 MByte 26.7 / 42.9 MB/s 6.4 / 7.0 MB/s yes 199,92 EUR
ACA1232-50 10576 media:AIBB_ACA1232-50.lha 128 MByte 29.3 / 43.6 MB/s 6.4 / 7.1 MB/s yes 299,94 EUR limited edition, starting mid-November 2015
ACA1233-55 11747 media:AIBB_ACA1233-55.lha 128 MByte 32.6 / 48.4 MB/s 6.4 / 7.1 MB/s yes 359,94 EUR limited edition, starting mid-November 2015
ACA1221-9.46 1878 media:AIBB_ACA1221-9.lha 9-63 MByte 6.7 / 10.1 MB/s 3.4 / 3.9 MB/s no 79,98 EUR under-clocked
ACA1221-17.03 3408 media:AIBB_ACA1221-17.lha 9-63 MByte 12.1 / 18.4 MB/s 4.8 / 5.4 MB/s no 79,98 EUR
ACA1221-21.28 4266 media:AIBB_ACA1221-21.lha 9-63 MByte 15.2 / 23.0 MB/s 6.1 / 6.9 MB/s no 79,98 EUR overclock option 5,- EUR
ACA1221-28.38 4914 media:AIBB_ACA1221-28.lha 9-63 MByte 20.2 / 30.7 MB/s 6.2 / 7.1 MB/s no 79,98 EUR overclock option 15,- EUR
ACA1221EC-42.56 6401 (TBD) 9+1+6 MByte 25.8 / 37.1 MB/s 6.4 / 7.0 MB/s no 119,94 EUR overclocked
ACA1221EC-21.28 4279 (TBD) 9+1+6 MByte 15.2 / 23.1 MB/s 6.1 / 6.9 MB/s no 119,94 EUR
ACA1221EC-28.38 4926 (TBD) 9+1+6 MByte 20.3 / 30.7 MB/s 6.2 / 7.1 MB/s no 119,94 EUR
ACA1221EC-17.03 3416 (TBD) 9+1+6 MByte 12.2 / 18.4 MB/s 4.3 / 4.8 MB/s no 119,94 EUR
ACA1233n-26.67 6031 media:AIBB_ACA1233n26.lha 128 MByte 19.2 / 38.2 MB/s 6.1 / 7.1 MB/s yes 169,92 EUR
ACA1233n-40 9203 media:AIBB_ACA1233n40.lha 128 MByte 28.8 / 57.4 MB/s 6.4 / 7.1 MB/s yes 239,94 EUR



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