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ACA620EC installed

ACA620 is a low-cost accelerator for the A600 computer. It is also compatible with the A300 computer, which uses Gayle revision -01.



ACA620 cards are based on the Motorola 68EC020 processor (the SMT version). There is only one version, and that's clocked at 16,667MHz.


The ACA620 comes with 16MBytes physical fastmem pre-installed. Not all of this memory can be used as normal fastmem. The card starts up with 5MByte of autoconfig memory under any Kickstart version. ACAtune will not add any memory unless you tell it to add memory with the maxmem option. Adding this memory later will keep the PCMCIA slot active, so networking cards and the large memory of the card can be used at the same time. The maximum amount of fast memory that can be used with the ACA620 is 10.8MByte. Please note that the Maprom option will not reduce the amount of memory available for the system.

The rest of the physical memory can be used as a RAM disk. The required software can be downloaded from Aminet.

freezer function

The ACA620 has a special circuit to catch Level-7 interrupts (NMIs). Certain memory areas of the card should be initialized prior to pressing the NMI button. Don't worry, there is no risk of damage, but without initialization, the NMI button will make the card crash in a way that even a reset cannot recover proper function. After a power- cycle, your computer will work normally again. There is currently no software that makes use of this feature.

available ACAtune options

ACA620 only supports a very limited number of ACAtune options. Tuning options like Z2 options, fastchip and cacheing of areas that should not be cached under normal conditions have been removed for stability reasons. All access speeds have been optimized for the highest possible safe speeds.




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