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ACA1234 (50MHz)



This accelerator comes with different flavours of the 68030 processor (with/without MMU and different speeds) and 128MBytes physical memory. 1MByte of this memory is reserved for Kickstart re-mapping.

The ACA1234 comes with a number of improvements over it's predecessors, but also cuts cost in order to deal with the 2021 chip shortage and the ever-rising prices of Motorola CPUs.

The ACA1234 boards have much faster memory performance than any other accelerator before - especially with cache and burst enabled. That's because the burst sequence is the fastest-possible sequence that the 68030 can perform: It's a sequence of four 32-bit transfers in four CPU cycles, which has not been shown before we first introduced the ACA1230 in 2010. The result is outstanding performance, even in comparison with other 68030-based accelerators at higher clock rates.

The ACA1234 is PCMCIA-friendly: It will not disable the PCMCIA slot, so you can continue to use a networking card in that slot.


(list not final - check back regularly)

  • Memory auto-configuration
  • selectable clock speed
  • card enable/disable in software
  • faster clockport gives 55% speed increase

register reference

If you want to do low-level programming for the ACA1234, please consult the ACA1234_registers article. Please note that hacking hardware registers is not the recommended way of controlling your accelerator. Register reference is only given for people who do not use classic Amiga OS (for example M68k Linux or BSD). If you use the classic Amiga OS, please only use the ACAtool for the ACA1234.



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