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ACA1230 is an accelerator for the A1200 computer.


ACA1230 cards are based on the Motorola 68030 or 68EC030 processor. There are three versions:

  • 68EC030-25 clocked at 28MHz
  • 68030-40 clocked at 42MHz
  • 68030-50 clocked at 56MHz


All ACA1230 cards come with 64MBytes fastmem pre-installed. For OS3.0 users, these cards have no autoconfiguring memory. ACAtune will add the memory to the system manually on start-up. For Kickstart version 3.1 or highere, the memory is detected and added automatically by the OS. Since the Z2 memory area remains unused, the cards are 100% PCMCIA compatible.

available ACAtune options

ACA1230 supports all ACAtune options, even the ones that will make the system instable. One of the reasons why the board is not made any more is the huge amount of support cases where users have activated tuning options, expecting them to work on their machines. Please note that anything beyond Maprom, CPU cache (not chip cache!) and fastmem is considered "depreciated" and should not be used. The fastchip option should work with all kinds of memory chips being used on the A1200 mainboard. All Zorro II options refer to either third party Amiga busboards or the PCMCIA port, especially SRAM cards.

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