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High speed serial ports for your Amiga!

For Amiga 1200, Buddha, Catweasel and X-Surf

User Manual

Hypercom 3 plus is a cooperation with the company VMC, who provide the software drivers for this product. This is the I/O module for our controllers Buddha and Catweasel that many customers have been waiting for. It can be either connected directly to the clock-port of the Amiga 1200, or to the 26-pin local expansion port of the Buddha, Buddha Flash, X-Surf Ethernet and Catweasel Z-II. It does not matter how old your Buddha or Catweasel controller is, the Hypercom 3 module even works on the first Buddha controllers that have been sold since Feb 1997.

Short technical specs:

  • two serial ports (up to 460KBaud), same specs as Silversurfer
  • one parallel port, 100% compatible with PC parallel ports. Use the high speed with Turboprint!
  • Emulation mode: The Hypercom parallelport can emulate the IOBlix parallelports!
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