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4-drive buffered and terminated IDE interface for all Amiga 1200 based systems

The IDE-fix adapter doubles the internal IDE port of your A1200. At the same time it's an adapter from the rather uncommon 2.5 inch standard to the less expensive 3.5 inch standard connections. The first of the two IDE outputs is available as 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch connector, to you can use existing cables. The IDE-fix adapter is buffered and terminated. That means that your Amiga is shielded from noise that is caused by long cables, so it continues working reliably without crashing. There are adapters by other vendors that are not buffered or terminated - you can identify such sub-standard adapters easily either from the price, or from the number of chips: If the adapter offered has only got one chip, look for something better!

The IDE-fix adapter is always shipped together with an original IDE-fix 97 license by Elaborate Bytes

IDE-fix 97 Key features:

  • use cheap Atapi CD-Rom drives
  • use removable IDE/Atapi devices (Syquest, IDE-ZIP, LS120)
  • supports TD64-commands - harddisk capacities larger than 4 GBytes possible! see Harddrive setup with TD64
  • IDE harddisk autopark
  • Atapi CD-changers (NEC, Sanyo, Torisan) are perfectly supported (CD-change can be done either by a program, or by a separate icon for each inserted CD)
  • Cache CD filesystem included!
  • CD-32 emulator included!

IDE-fix Express adapter

IDE-fix express

Your controller switches to turbo!

Since the end of august '98, the express-adapter is shipped. It is installed over top of the Gayle chip of the A1200, and a small cable connects express-adapter and IDE-fix adapter. You can easily find out if your adapter is prepared for use with the express-adapter: It must be black. If your 4-drive interface is green, it cannot be used with the express-adapter. Don't worry - we have an unbeatable bundle price for the new IDE-fix adapter, the express adapter and the special IDE-fix express software license.

Transfer rates of more than 5.1 MBytes per second are reached with the express adapter. The two IDE-ports are now handled as if they were two separate IDE controllers, that means that two actions can be handled at a time - this is perfect for IDE-CD writers, because writing a CD requires reading from harddisk and writing to CD simultaneously. The writer-software "MakeCD" supports all common IDE/Atapi CD writers.

Not every IDE/Atapi device can handle the high speed of the IDE-fix Express. Older harddisks or single speed CD-Roms would not benefit from the higher controller speed, and some models even refuse to work with express-timing. In such a case, each port can be configured to be non-express separately, so you don't have to make backups of your harddisk when upgrading to a new harddisk.

A special gadget is the diagnosis-software that checks for the correct connection between the IDE-fix adapter and the express-adapter. If the cable has been plugged the wrong way round, the computer will start normally, and nothing will break. Only the diagnosis-software will nag.

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