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Video game pioneers know it - the COMPETITION PRO for Commodore 64 (C64) and Amiga systems won the hearts of the gaming community in the eighties and soon became the most successful joystick of all times. It's extreme durability and the characteristic clicking of the microswitches ensured its brand recognition.

When the Competition Pro was re-released for normal PCs in 2004, the main target was to be true to the original. The design was 100% adopted and characteristics like microswitches, metal stick and the choice of colours are identical. All these details paid off: The Competition Pro USB was a huge success.

As a result of the attention that the re-release has attracted, many requests for the original version with a plug for the systems of the eighties were made. There are many people who still own the old systems like the Commodore 64. This led to the idea of reviving the old Competition Pro for the systems it all started with.


  • A real classic, an icon of Retro-Gaming
  • For connection to retro-systems like Amiga, C64, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Atari, MSX
    • Caution: ALL buttons are wired to the same input pin (Pin 6) by default, that means on systems that support more than one button all buttons will work as button 1/A. you can find some instructions to rewire the joystick for more than one button here
  • Six microswitches, two axles, four firebuttons
  • Upper firebuttons can be switched off
  • Cable length of 1.80 metres (5.8 ft.)

Look here for instructions on how to modify the joystick for use with games that support 2 or 3 buttons.


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