A600 Clockport adapter

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A600 clk480.jpg
A600 Clockport Adapter with mounted silversurfer

Adapter for connecting clockport-hardware to the A600

User Manual

This adapter has been developed for connecting a Silversurfer to the A600. Is is plugged on top of the Gayle-chip of the A600 and gives a clockport which is not 100% compatible with the A1200 clockport: Drivers have to be adapted to work with this connector. Of course we have done this for the Silversurfer drivers, and even E3B has made adapted drivers for their "Subway" USB card, but we have developed a much more compatible version of the clockport with the A602 and A603, which does not require patching the drivers. Small quantities of this adapter are still available at a very low price, but we recommend the use of an A602 or A603.

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