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Soundcard for all Amigas with external floppy-connector or Buddha/Catweasel controller

Atlantis is an external soundcard for all Amiga systems. The core is made up of a Motorola 56002 DSP (digital signal processor), which is clocked at 80 Mhz. This DSP can make any kind of sound generation, such as decoding MPG audio streams. The Amiga multitasking is not loaded when playing back music: All the calculation power necessary for decoding an MPG stream is located on the Atlantis soundcard. The cherry on the cake: The card is connected to the floppy-port of any Amiga. When playing back MP1, MP2 or MP3 streams, the internal disk drives (df0:, df1: etc.) are simply "busy".

The DSP inside the Atlantis is freely programmable, that means it can solve nearly any sound problem. You could think of effects like echo, flanging, surround-decoding or a simple delay.

The prototype board has already been shown on several shows including the WOA in London and the IA98 in Toronto.

Technical data:

  • DSP56002, 80Mhz, 96KByte memory, speed:12ns
  • D/A conversion: 18 bit 8 times Oversampling, 32khz, 44.1 khz, 48khz
  • connectors: Stereo-RCA jacks, TOSLINK optical output optional: 20 bit Sigma-Delta CODEC
  • Interfaces: Amiga-floppy interface, about 48KByte per second
  • "local port" interface for Catweasel/Buddha controller, max. 1.7MB per second
  • Case: metal case (aluminium), 100mm wide, fits into a 3.5 inch drive bay.

The Atlantis has been delayed a lot of times, the project never reached the state of production and has been replaced by Delfina.

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