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MMC64 is an MMC and SD-flashcard interface for the C64. It uses multimedia and Secure digital cards that are used mostly on PDAs and digital cameras. That means, the C64 can use a FAT16-formatted card with up to 4GB capacity right after power-up. The built-in and flashable BIOS with its integrated file browser allows starting games and other programs, playing back SID-files with the integrated SID-player, or writing D64-images to a diskdrive that's connected to the computer.

Plugins allow displaying textfiles, viewing pictures and even animations in full frame rate! Generating D64 images (writing to the flashcard) is also possible, so the MMC64 is not just a modern mass-storage device, but also an easy-to-use tool for data transfer between modern PCs and the C64.

Further, the MMC64 has a clockport for expansions like RR-Net and a pass-through expansion port that's compatible with the Retro Replay in every aspect - both expansions can be used at the same time with the full functionality, for example using two clockport-expansions at the same time.

MMC64 was developed by Oliver Achten and produced by individual Computers.



Development Snapshot

Beta Browser

older plugins and BIOS versions by Oliver Achten

Picture plugins: File:MMC64

Ani plugin V1.1: File:MMC64

BIOS V1.10: File:MMC64 As recovery disk: File:MMC64 Recovery

D64 reader plugin:

Makedir plugin:

MP3 plugin for use with MP3@64: File:MP3 Plugin

AVF animation plugin (requires MP3@64): File:Avf plugin AVF test video: File:Avf


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