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Copybit-killer for all digital recording devices. This product is not sold any more in countries of the EU since september 2003.

Minidisc, DAT, DCC and CDR-HiFi recorders are equipped with the "SCMS", the "Serial Copy Management System". This system ensures that you cannot make another digital copy from a recording that has been done with a digital cable. If you want to make another copy of that recording, you have to take the reroute over the analog inputs and outputs of the devices. This will result in worse sound quality, and you'll have to set the title-start IDs manually - the devices cannot run unattended. Gemini deletes the copybit from the digital audio signal, allowing you to make one more copy of your recording without loss of sound quality. Unlike other devices, the Gemini does not affect the title-start IDs, so you can make an exact copy of a CD, including the proper title-start IDs. The copyright information itself is left unchanged.

The solution Gemini marks digital audio signals as recordings of the first generation, so any recording device will assume you're playing back an "original", thus no error message will be displayed. Gemini can handle all common sampling rates: 32, 44.1 and 48 khz.

How to use

User Manual

Gemini is an external device, it is hooked between the playback and the recording device. Opening the devices in not necessary, so the warranty is not affected. The handy case (approx. 100x25x150mm) has three connectors: Power supply, digital input and digital output. LED indicators show if the input is active, and if a copybit is being removed, or if the signal is just passed through. The optical connectors are TOSLINK compliant, this standard is used by almost all digital HiFi-devices. Gemini has been successfully tested with devices by Sony, Pioneer, Aiwa, Philips, NAD, Technics and many others. Even connecting devices by different vendors is no problem!

Extensions for Gemini

If you have more than one digital HiFi device, you may know the problem: If you want to change to a different source, you have to change the cabling. Switchboxes are either hard to find, or they are much too expensive. The "Gemini PRO" has three input- and two output connectors, being switchbox and copybit-killer in one at an incredible price. The two optical outputs always have the same signal, so you can make two copies of one source at a time. The three inputs are searched for a valid signal in ascending order. Once a signal is found, it is locked until it disappears (for example, the source has been switched off). Then, the next input is searched for a valid signal. Owners of a DAT or DCC recorder will be interested in the index-translator: The title-start IDs of those devices are not understood by CD or Minidisc-recorders, so a major advantage of copying digitally must be abandoned. The index-translator converts the language of DAT and DCC recorders to the language understood by CD and MD recorders, so you can leave the devices unattended while copying. The index- translator is only shipped on special order.

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