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Adapter for using Amiga 1200 hardware in an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1000

A very small quantity of this adapter has been produced in late 2004 for the first time. Back then, less than 30 units were sold out within less than two weeks although it was not available at our resellers. However, the small A500 market was not saturated with that. The demand was so high that we started another production run early 2006, and now the available quantity is high enough to deliver the adapter to all our resellers worldwide.

The main part of the adapter is installed between the 68000 processor and the mainboard. Another signal is taken from a CIA chip using a socket in between the chip and the board. Since chips have to be removed from their sockets for the installation of this adapter, installation should be done by experts only.

After installation up to two clockports can be used for hardware that was developed for the A1200 initially. One of the ports is located at the exact same address space as in the A1200, so most drivers work without modification. Our products Silversurfer, Catweasel MK2, VarIO, Delfina and the USB-controller Subway by our cooperation partner E3B have been successfully tested.

The second port is located at the same address space as the second clockport of the A1200 Z4 board, so compatibility is not only given with our products and the products by E3B. If you're in doubt, please contact the manufacturer of your clockport expansion to have the driver patched.

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