CDTV remote control

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CDTV remote control

This is the original CDTV remote control by Commodore, second version. The Commodore part number is 252594-02. The difference to the first version is that the switch between mouse and joystick is a sliding switch instead of rubber buttons.

While this remote is perfectly usable for it's original purpose - controlling the Amiga CDTV - it's probably even more popular purpose is controlling the Chameleon, thus serving as a wireless game controller.

Thanks to it's 40kHz transmission standard, the CDTV remote control has outstanding reach and it is remarkably insensitive to the direction that you're pointing the remote to: Even if you point the remote to a white wall at the opposite of the room, the Chameleon will safely catch the buttons that you're pressing. A direct line of sight to the receiver does help, but it's not always required: There is no need to point the remote control exactly into the direction of the Chameleon, like you may know it from TV remote controls.



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