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External flickerfixer for Amiga


Indivision is an external Flickerfixer (aka De-Interlacer) for Amiga computers. Just connect it to the RGB port of your Amiga and put the monitor plug into Indivision, and you're ready to go, no additional hardware or software installation is required.

Indivision doubles the line (horizontal) frequency of all 15 kHz modes, enabling the use of PAL modes with VGA/Multiscan monitors or TFT displays (scandoubler functionality). Furthermore, since Indivision is not only a scandoubler but a flickerfixer, the flickers of interlaced modes such as PAL Interlaced or NTSC Interlaced are removed (also often referred to as "De-Interlacing".

Screen modes with higher horizontal frequencies such as DblPAL or Multiscan Productivity are passed to the monitor unchanged.

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