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MMC Replay with RR-Net mounted

The ultimate cartridge for your trusty Commodore 64! MMC REPLAY, as the name already tells, unites the features of the Retro Replay freezer cartridge with those of the MMC64 cardreader. But MMC REPLAY is much more than those two merged together, there are plenty of new features to be found:

512K Flash ROM. The Flash ROM contains the well-known Retro Replay software and an enhanced MMC64 BIOS. Furthermore, it is compatible with the firmwares of other cartridges like the Final Replay and Nordic Power.

512K RAM. The MMC REPLAY's memory can hold two D64 images at the same time. You can access those images with standard C64 disk commands like e.g. LOAD "$",8.

Existing software written for MMC64, Retro Replay, or a combination of both products can be used with MMC REPLAY unaltered (please note that not every plugin written for the MMC64 can handle the FAT32 file system, so you might encounter problems when using SDHC cards with those plugins). The additional features can be activated with the overhauled file browser, e.g. D64 images can be created or mounted.

Compact! The MMC REPLAY fits into a standard C64 cartridge shell. All you need to do is drill some holes for the card slot, the buttons and the LEDs. Even with the new version of RR-Net mounted, MMC REPLAY still fits into a standard cartridge shell.

MMC REPLAY also supports the Commodore 128. The C128 is not fully compatible to the C64 - with Retro Replay and the MMC64 it could happen that the function was only available after a certain warm-up period or even not available at all. MMC REPLAY has passed extensive testing with more than 40 different C64 and C128 variants, even native C128 cartridge software is supported!

User Manual


MMC Replay Update pack V0.55 with recovery disk (older V0.54 update)

Development Snapshot

Beta Browser

MMC Replay Snapshot (july 29th, 2009)


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