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RTC Module

This RTC ("real time clock") module can be used on a plain A1200, the ACA1220 and ACA1232 accelerators (any speed grade), and on the A604n memory expansion.

It is software compatible with the setclock command (up to OS1.3) and with the workbench preferences (OS2.0 and higher).


inserting a battery

The RTC module is delivered without a battery. The battery is required to power the clock chip when the computer is turned off. It's not rechargeable, but since the power requirement of the clock chip is extremely small, the self-discharge of the battery will probably be more significant than the power requirement of the clock chip. Proper operation of the battery will most probably be as long as the shelf-life that the battery vendor has printed on the packing of the battery.

Your reseller may offer this battery separately, or you can buy it in any electronics store. The exact type is CR1220 with a voltage of 3V. Please make sure that you get a good name battery! The "Newsun" brand shown in the pictures of this page is an example of a very bad battery, so please only use these pictures as a mechanical reference and replace the battery with something that you trust ;-)

Place the battery with the plus-side up under the two small bumps inside the battery holder, then gently push it down on the opposite side until it clicks under the small metal lever:

RTC mod battery pre-insert.jpg RTC mod battery push.jpg

RTC mod battery inserted.jpg

removing the battery

You do not need any tools to remove the battery. You just need to bend the metal part to the side and the battery will jump out of the battery holder again:

RTC mod battery remove.jpg

Do not dispose of the battery in the normal trashbin! If available, please dispose of the battery in a qualified return and recycling system. In case you need to dispose of the RTC module, please separate the battery from the rest of the circuit and dispose of the two items separately. Protect your enviroment: Neither electronics, nor batteries belong in the normal trashbin!

installing the module

Our RTC module targets several Amiga products. Although it may look easy to install the module on a clockport, there are quite a few ways to get it wrong, so please make sure that you have enough light at your desk. This will (hopefully) keep you from only hitting one of the two pin header rows or from shifting the module to one side. Any error might cause a short that might damage both the RTC module and the computer you're trying to insert it in. Better double check your connection before switching the computer back on, because we cannot be held responsible for any damage that you might cause with improper installation!

First of all, it can be installed in an A1200 like this:

RTC mod A1200.jpg

Please note that this will only work if the accelerator or memory expansion that you might have installed int he trapdoor slot does NOT have a realtime clock, or if your trapdoor slot is empty. For accelerators that do not have an RTC by detault (such as the ACA1230), this is the easiest way of adding one.

Our current accelerators ACA1220 and ACA1232 have a dedicated clockport for the RTC module. Please install the module on those cards like this:

RTC mod ACA1232.jpg

The RTC module is connected on an A604n like this:

A604n RTC.jpg

using the RTC

The real-time clock does not require installation of driver software. The operating system recognizes the RTC automatically. If you are using Kickstart/WB V1.3 or lower, please consult your AmigaDOS manual (chapter 6) for use of the Setclock and the date commands. If you are using Kickstart/WB 2.0 or higher, please consult your manual for use of the prefs/time preset-control program for setting the date and time of your system. If the clock is not recognised, it might need a reset. Never short-circuit the battery to reset the clock chip! Resetting can be done with the shell-command

setclock reset

Please note that the "setclock" command from older Workbench versions will continue to work on Kick2.0 and higher. It's just that you don't need it any more with the more convenient GUI-based programs from the Prefs folder.



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