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SuperPLA is a replacement part for the Commodore PLA chips which are based on the 82S100 chip. SuperPLA does NOT add any functionality, but replaces a chip that often breaks on vintage Commodore computers. A broken PLA will keep the whole computer from working - SuperPLA is meant for repair jobs like this. SuperPLA has been available in various versions, which are all united in the latest V4 now. Jumpers on the bottom side of the product are used to configure the board for the different target computers.

Two improvements have been made compared to the previous version: SuperPLA V4 now works with the "Epyx Fastload cartridge", which was popular in the US. Further, the part is considerably smaller - only a fraction of a mm bigger than the original chip.

During the creation of this product, an analyzer program for the C64 PLA chip was written that may be useful to other C64 hardware and software creators. It became famous in the scene as the "pla.exe" program - here is a port to C, including source and windows binary. (This archive includes the original binary for DOS and Pascal source).

jumper settings

Jumpers can be found at the bottom side of SuperPLA. Don't even try to set these jumpers without tweezers - they are really tiny and located in the socket-adapter, where your fingers probably don't get to. As usual: Please take your time, have lots of light at your desk and be extremely careful not to break any pins of the socket adapter off.

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Operating Modes

operation in a C64

jumper setting for C64

SuperPLA V4 can be used in one of these C64 models:

Assy no. 326298, socket U17

Assy no. 250407, socket U17

Assy no. 250425, socket U17

Assy no. 250466, socket U17

C64 Reloaded (socket U17)

SuperPLA V4 is shipped with jumpers in places 1 and 4 like you can see in the picture on the right.

operation in a C610

jumper setting for C610

For operation in socket U18 of a C610 computer, please set jumpers in positions 2 and 4 as shown in the picture on the right.

operation in a C710

jumper setting for C710

For operation in socket U18 of a C710 computer, please only set a jumper to position 2 as shown in the picture on the right.

operation in a 264 series computer

jumper setting for 264-computers

For operation in a 264-series computer (C16, C116 or plus/4), please remove all jumpers. SuperPLA V4 must be placed in socket U16 in the C16 computer. In the C116, please use U101. The right socket in a plus/4 computer is U19.

operation in a 1551 cartridge

jumper setting for 1551 cartridge

For operation in the cartridge of the 264-series floppy drive 1551, please set jumpers to positions 1 and 3.

operation in a PET computer

jumper setting for Pet socket UE5

SuperPLA V4 also supports operation in a PET computer, but only in socket UE5. The second PLA chip cannot be replaced with SuperPLA V4. For UE5, please set one jumper to position 1 as shown in the picture on the right.

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