Indivision AGA MK2

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MK2cr for A1200 and A4000T
MK2cr for A1200 and A4000T
MK2cr for A4000D/CD32

Flickerfixer for Amiga with AGA chipset

Indivision AGA MK2 features a faster FPGA, faster memory, more flexible pixel clocks and most importantly: DVI-I output. In addition to that, the shape of the A1200 version was changed in order to also fit inside the A4000T. A special version for A4000D and CD32 was manufactured in very low quantity.

The current version is called Indivision AGA MK2cr. It is currently only available for A1200 computers. Use in an A4000T is only possible if electrolytic capacitor CE164C (located on the A4000T motherboard) is replaced with a lower-profile ceramic cap.




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