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Chameleon on dock.jpg

The Chameleon Docking Station allows connecting up to four joysticks, a C64 keyboard, an Amiga 500 keyboard and of course the Chameleon itself. In addition to that, it can serve as a Docking Station for the famous Minimig board.

The black base board of the Docking station is made out of wood, and it comes with four rubber feet, so it doesn't slide off your table too easily, even with four joysticks connected. Although both keyboards can be connected at the same time, cabling might get a little congested, and it's probably not that practical either, so here's two example pictures of the Docking Station with keyboard connected:

Docking A500kbd.jpg Docking C64kbd.jpg

connection to a Minimig board

A cable for connecting the Docking Station to a Minimig board is available separately. The package includes a black cable tie that perfectly fits the strain relief of the cable and the mounting hole of the Docking Station. This cable has an IDC-10 connector at one end, and a D-Sub9 connector for Minimig at the other end. Connect the IDC-10 connector like this:

Docking Cable plug.jpg

Then run the cable tie through the open mounting hole and tighten it like this:

Docking Cable bind open.jpg Docking Cable bind close.jpg

Cut the end of the cable tie off - you won't need that any more. The final installation now looks like this:

Docking Cable bind cut.jpg Docking Install finished.jpg



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