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256MByte Z3 memory expansion for Z3 Amigas.


System requirements

BigRamPlus works in every A3000 and A4000. This applies to desktop and tower models by Commodore and Escom, provided that they're using the original daughter board. Tower-modifications such as Eagle, RBM, Mikronik or Elbox will not work reliably. We can't guarantee proper function of BigRamPlus in such modified computers. Only use the original Commodore daughter board.

If your computer is still using the old Buster chip revision 7 or 9, we recommend to upgrade to the latest version 11, which is available separately. Your reseller will help you identifying the chip.

You need Kickstart V2.0 to activate BigRamPlus. In this case, all 256MBytes of BigRamPlus will be added to the system's free memory. Using BigRamPlus under Kickstart 1.3 or lower requires special software that we don't provide.


Disconnect the power chord from your Computer and remove it's cover to gain access to the Z3-slots. Insert BigRamPlus into a free Z3 slot. The board is shaped in a way that it cannot be inserted the wrong way round. Please make sure that BigRamPlus is properly seated in the slide rail at the front of your computer.

Push the card all the way in. The golden contacts should only barely be visible. Make sure that the card is seated properly at both sides and that there's no angle between the slot and the board.

Your computer is now ready for the first test. Please bear in minid that your Amiga is an old computer. It is very likely that the connector has acquired dirt over the years that is always present in the environment, for example particulate matter and (if you're a smoker) nicotine. Should the card not work right away, you should move the card a few times in its position, for example move it back half a millimeter. In rare cases it may be required to clean the slots and the card. Never use contact spray for this task! Z3 slots should only be cleaned with pure alcohol and an old toothbrush. Please mind the required safety precautions when handling flammable liquids!

The golden contacts of BigRamPlus are best cleaned with a pencil eraser. Please avoid mechanical cleaning methods like sanding paper or similar.

Using the card

Every system-conform program can make use of the memory on BigRamPlus. There's no need to install drivers or special programs. OS4.0 will not boot with a Z3 memory card installed, but OS4.1 will use it as swap-space.




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