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Memory expansion (and much more) for Amiga 600

Sold out, please have a look at the successor card A604n

User Manual (german)

subwayusb.device for secondary clockport

In 2006 Individual Computers introduced a memory expansion for the smallest of all Amigas, the A600. The follow-up with added features was called A603, and it's been sold out since early 2011. Introducing the A604, we're adding even more features. The basic function of the A604 is still to add 1MByte of chipmem, maxing out the A600 at 2MBytes chipmem. The second basic functionality is a battery-backed up realtime clock, which requires a CR1220 coin cell (not included).

The socket for our flickerfixer Indivision ECS surely added to the popularity of the A603. However, installation of the flickerfixer required the user to remove the floppy disk drive. Many customers told us that they would like to leave the floppy drive in the computer.

The A604 responds to that demand. In addition to that, the A604 has not only one, but two clockports for A1200-hardware. The second clockport even reaches a 60% higher transfer speed than the first, which makes E3B's Subway a lot faster.

A604 Subway.jpg

Riser card included

The tight space in the A600 is a challenge even to experienced modders. Arranging the clockports in a way that A1200 hardware can be added directly is not possible, so only clockport expansions with a cable can be used (for example Delfina, Silversurfer limited edition, Catweasel MK2). Unfortunately, sometimes even that cable takes too much space. This is why the A604 comes with a riser card that provides a good mechanical solution and a perfect space for the Subway USB controller by E3B. The riser card is mounted using the floppy drive's screw.

A604 Riser.jpg

If your A600 is equipped with an upper shield, it must be removed if you want to make use of all options that the A604 offers. Using the A604 as memory and RTC expansion only does not require removing the upper shield. In that case, installation can be done through the trapdoor opening without having to open the computer.

A604 ECS Subway.jpg

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