C64C keyboard mount kit

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C64C keyboard mount kit

These keyboard holders are required to mount a keyboard inside a new or old C64c case. The keyboard holders are universal, meaning they can be used in any C64c case, and they can be used with any type of C64 main board: The 1980s Commodore boards will fit just as nicely as the new "Relaoded" boards.

The keyboard holders are made from stainless steel, laser-cut and bent in Germany. Both holders have an M4 nut pressed-in, where the included flat-head screws can go in. We specifically chose flat-head screws in order to protect the plastic of your classic keyboard.

The mount kit includes:

  • two keyboard mount brackets
  • two M4 flat-head screws
  • an Allen key
  • rubber O-ring
  • colour printed installation instructions


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