Nordic Replay

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Retail version
Retail version cartridge shell
DIY Kit Version (with Switch)

Nordic Replay is the successor to the Retro Replay which has the same features and the MACH logic was slightly updated to also support the extra mapping mode of the "Atomic Power" and "Nordic Power" ROMs. Originally it was redesigned for an OEM to provide a DIY kit that customers can assemble, and is now available completely assembled.



The retail version uses jumpers where the DIY kit had a 3-way switch:

  • both jumpers set: enable flash mode (switch left)
  • no jumper set: ROM bank 2 selected (switch middle)
  • bank jumper set: ROM bank 1 selected (switch right)


Except for the differences explained here, Nordic Replay is identical to Retro Replay, please refer to the Retro Replay page for more.





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