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Nordic Replay is the successor to the Retro Replay which has the same features and the MACH logic was slightly updated to also support the extra mapping mode of the "Atomic Power" and "Nordic Power" ROMs. Originally it was redesigned for an OEM to provide a DIY kit that customers can assemble, and is now available completely assembled.


Assembly instructions

Assembling the cartridge is rather easy and straightforward, solder the components in this order:

  1. 3 x Diode D1 - D3 (D4 and D5 are optional and not included in the package)
  2. 3 x Resistors
  3. 5 x Capacitors (Electrolyt Capacitor C6 is optional and not included in the package)
  4. 1 x 62256 RAM (A socket is optional and not included in the package)
  5. 1 x 74HC32 (A socket is optional and not included in the package)
  6. 1 x 22 pin edge connector (clock port)
  7. 1 x 44 pin PLCC Socket
  8. 1 x 32 pin PLCC Socket
  9. 2 x Push buttons
  10. 1 x on-off-on Switch
  11. Insert the two chips into their sockets carefully (make sure the markings on chip and socket match)


  • Resistor R4 (330Ohm) and LED (10mA) - adds a visual flash-mode indicator
  • 2 x Diode D4 and D5 (1N4148), Electrolyt Capacitor C6 (4.7µF) - changes the reset behaviour in a C128 so it will always start in C64 mode ("Skern patch").
Note: If the original "Nordic Replay" MACH is used, this isnt necessary, as it is handled in the MACH code already.

For details look at the schematics.

Switch / Jumper

  • Switch left: enable flash mode (equals both jumpers being set)
  • Switch middle: ROM bank 2 selected (equals no jumper being set)
  • Switch right: ROM bank 1 selected (equals bank jumper being set)


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