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This is a list of things for people who want to systematically test various features. It is here as a remainder because often things are overlooked and some bugs just never happen in someone’s daily routine.



Due to the ongoing development of the user interface and keyboard short cuts there might be inconsistencies between on-screen text and actually used keys. Please report such occurrences so they can be fixed.

MMC/SD Card compatibility

  • Insert your SD/MMC card into the Chameleon and press reset. now go to system info in the menu. if the C64 hangs now, that means the card can not be properly initialized. In such a case we would like to know the exact type,size,brand etc of the card you are using.
  • “System Info” should correctly show the type, file-system etc of the card.
  • Enter the file-browser, it should correctly show the name of the card and also show the directory panel(s) with the list of files in your cards root directory.
  • Generally if the above works, we would like to hear about any other problems that only occur with a specific card.

non volatile user options

Change some options, save them, power-cycle the Chameleon and check if the changes have been saved (and loaded) correctly.

updating the core

Update the chameleon core using the pc flasher program, or the c64 update.prg. Update or flash 3rd party cores using ChaCo and/or chacocmd. (see Manual)


Browsing through individual directories on either panel should work. see Manual for a list of keys that you can try.


  • Plugins should cleanly exit to the file-browser.
  • Pressing "freeze" when a plugin is active should usually be ignored, or return to the menu system. (incase of for example the SID plugin)

CRT launcher

  • The CRT launcher should generally launch any of the supported cartridge types. If you find a cart that doesn’t work, please read Chameleon_Menu_Bugs#CRT_Launcher and report the non working image if you think it meets the listed requirements and should work.

PRG launcher

  • Generally most one-file programs should work. In case you find one that does not, please read Chameleon_Menu_Bugs#PRG_Launcher and report the non working program if you think that it meets the requirements of the prg launcher and should work.

SID player

  • This is currently the most limited plugin, please read Chameleon_Menu_Bugs#SID_Player, many (if not most) tunes will play fine, with the exceptions listed. Please report only non working tunes from the latest HVSC which meet the requirements and limitations of the SID player.
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