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For the list of known bugs in the FPGA Core, look at Chameleon Core Bugs. also see Chameleon SD Card Problems.


known bugs and limitations

PRG Launcher

  • Generally all files with a load address >$07ff can be loaded and run. Files which load below $0800 (often to overload pointers for auto-start) are unsupported. THIS IS NOT A BUG This is often the case for backups of original programs, which use autostart. Such programs should be moved into a .d64 and then loaded manually from BASIC.
  • some (multi-load) programs will not work correctly when started by the file browser.

Workaround in both cases: load such files manually (from a mounted d64) in BASIC, that will always work.

G64 Mounter / Saver

  • mounting / saving g64 files has some limitations:
    • The track length is byte-aligned
    • The bitrate is calculated from the track length, that means there is only one speed zone on each track. More than one speed zone per track is not supported.
    • because of the above, G64 images are not automatically saved back to SD card when the image was modified. you may do that manually (to a different file)

A list of (some) tested G64 files is here.

D64 Writer

  • Error-Info is not supported. THIS IS NOT A BUG - as this can not be done via kernal disk i/o which the writer uses.

Workaround: use your favourite C64 copy program to copy a mounted image to another (real) drive

CRT Launcher

  • Files which have inconsistent info in the CRT and CHIP headers might not work (for example when the CRT header indicates a CBM80/8K cartridge, but the CHIP header has a load-adress of $e000 - which indicates an ultimax cartridge - the image will NOT work). THIS IS NOT A BUG and will not get fixed. Fix the CRT files instead, for example using cartconv from the VICE package, like this:
cartconv -r -i input.crt -o temp.bin
cartconv -t ulti -i temp.bin -o fixed.crt

SID Player

  • PSID Tunes which require Compute's Sidplayer (MUS) are not supported. THIS IS NOT A BUG Such files are non existant "in the wild". Common collections contain .mus/.str files which can be played from the file browser just like .sid files.
  • PSID Tunes which use playsid specific features (usually indicated by a _PSID appended to the file-name), such as the playsid sample voice, can not be played correctly. THIS IS NOT A BUG and it can not be fixed. use the RSID counterpart instead.
  • RSID Tunes which claim all available resources (IRQ, NMI and main loop) can not be stopped by the player. THIS IS NOT A BUG and it can not be fixed, other than by modifying the ripped sid file (to either chain the original NMI/IRQ correctly, or to not use busy looping). Use the MENU button to go back to the menu!
  • Sub tunes in RSID tunes which claim all resources can not be changed after having started the tune. THIS IS NOT A BUG and it can not be fixed. The player will allow to select a sub tune before starting to play for these tunes.

Note: When reporting tunes that do not work, please make sure the rip itself is OK, a good way to do that is converting it to a prg file with PSID64 and see if it works. make sure you are using the .sid file from the most recent HVSC! please report tunes that do not play with psid64 to the HVSC team as well as to us.

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