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NOTE: the 9j update comes with a new VGA controller which improves compatibility a lot. We're try to gather some new info in this forum thread.

On this page you can find a list of monitors/displays reported to work (or not) from our users of the C64 turbo chameleon core.

  • for a list of monitors compatible with the MiniMig core, look here.



  • (9) AOC 27" 3D LED D2769Vh - Listed by manufacturer as 50hz as lowest freq. Works with Chameleon C64 and MiniMig core, at 50 hz! 800x600 on C64 core, the image needs to be set to correct aspect on monitor 4:3.Drawback is that it does not fill the whole monitor 4:3, there is an about 1 cm band of blackat top and bottom and ofcourse on the sides. Minimig core appears to fill almost all 4:3 space. (When correct overscan is set in Workbench lassic.)
  • (9m) AOC U3277FWQ ("got it working fine in 800x600@50Hz with VIC sync on!")
  • (8g) Asus 197N (17" LED monitor, with VGA & DVI inputs)
  • (8g) Asus 198D (19" LED monitor, with only VGA input)
  • BenQ BL912 ("The display is compatible with all of the Chameleon's cores")
  • (9m) BenQ BL702A ("50Hz mode and sync to VIC II works in cartridge mode, In general: Looks best with the current TC64 V2 settings: 640x480@50Hz Sync to VIC II on or 768x@576@50Hz Sync to VIC II on. Also, increase pixelclock to 100 for these two profiles to stretch the picture horizontally for better aspect ratio and filling the screen more. These same settings goes for BenQ BL912 aswell")
  • (8c) BENQ;G2200W - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)
  • Dell 1708FPf ("works with 50Hz and Vic-sync OK !")
  • Dell P2417H ("no problems with syncing to a 50 Hz VGA signal with VIC-II sync turned on")
  • DELL E1715S ("800x600@50Hz, 720x576@50Hz and 768x576@50Hz (all with VIC II sync on). All the tested resolutions fills the screen with correct overscan area and nice aspect ratio.")
  • Eizo Flexscan S1910 - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)
  • Eizo Flexscan S1933 - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)
  • (8h) Eizo Flexscan L568, 17" TFT: works in all modes, 50 and 60Hz supported. Problem with this monitor though is that it has a relatively high latency, which makes for a blurry screen on horizontal scrolling images.
  • Eizo Foris FX2431-BK
  • Hercules ProphetView 720 - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)
  • (8c) HP1240 - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)
  • (9m) Lenovo Q24i-10 ("works PERFECT with the TC in C64 and Minimig cores. 50Hz is like a dream. Scrolling is SUPER SMOOTH!.")
  • (8c) LG;Flatron E2250V - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)
  • (8g) Sony TFT LCD SDM-S71
  • Viewsonic VX2753MH-LED - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)


  • AMIGA M1438S (requires a 23pin sub-d to VGA adapter)
  • DELL Trinitron 21" ("works well vith VGA at any refresh rate, has a remarkably colorful and flickerfree picture at nearly 80 Hz despite not being a flat screen type monitor. The downside is that it weighs in at around 25 Kg and draws a lot of power.")
  • MAG Innovision 17" "works well vith VGA at any refresh rate"
  • (8g) NEC Multisync LCD2070nx 20" (1600x1200) - (1600x1200@50hz won't sync, all other resolutions work. VIC-Sync does NOT work)
  • (8h) NEC MultiSync XV15+ , 15" CRT : works in all modes, 50 and 60Hz supported. Recommended even :)
  • TM1510NLD (no name, likely relabled NEC) - (50Hz, VIC-Sync OK)


  • Acer X110P "works well when VGA is set to 800x600 (Projectors native resolution) and 50hz with VIC sync There are no issues with misalignment and the whole of screen is covered by the C64's display. Silky smooth scrolling with no jitter."

not working

  • (8) Asus VG278H (fails to synchronize, no image)
  • (8) Digitus DS-40201 active VGA to DVI converter (fails to synchronize, no image)
  • (8) Silicon Graphics 1600sw through SGI/Multilink (fails to synchronize, no image)
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