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... and Trackball


See also DB9-Joystick, DB9-Lightpen, DB9-Paddle


The following table is still under construction:

Joystick Analog Quadrature 4-bit Serial
Pin Amstrad
Apple 2 Atari 800
Atari VCS
Atari ST (*1) Amiga CD32 MSX
1 /Up /Button 2, RMB Mouse ID X direction XB /V-Pulse (YA) ? data b0 d0 DCD (unused)
2 /Down /Button 3, MMB (*3) VCC (+5V) X motion XA /H-Pulse (XA) ? data b1 d1 RXD (data)
3 /Left /wheel up (*3) GND Y direction YA /VQ-Pulse (YB) ? data b2 d2 TXD (-Us)
4 /Right /wheel down (*3) XDIR Y motion YB /HQ-Pulse (XB) ? data b4 d3 DTR (+Us)
5 /Button 3 MMB Mouse Y (POTY) XMove unused (POTY) /Button 3, MMB /Button 3, MMB, Wheel (POTX) ? VCC unused (POTY) GND
6 /Button 2, RMB /Button 1, LMB unused /Button /Button 1, LMB /Button 1, LMB ? /Button 1 /Button 1, LMB (in) Strobe (out) DSR (unused)
7 /Button 1, LMB VCC (+5V) Button VCC (+5V) VCC (+5V) VCC (+5V) VCC (+5V) /Button 2 VCC (+5V) RTS (+Us)
8 GND (Row 9) GND YDIR GND GND GND GND Strobe OUT GND CTS (pulled to +Us)
9 GND (Row 6) Mouse X (POTX) YMove unused (POTX) /Button 2, RMB /Button 1, RMB (POTY) ? GND /Button 2, RMB (POTX) RI (unused)

(*1) Mouse works in first port only

(*2) Shown is pinout as used by the AMX Mouse, which is a "joystick emulator" mouse. Respective GND line is pulled low to select the correct row (always row 9 for AMX Mouse).

(*3) Extra buttons provided by Micromys

(*4) PC serial mice works completely different than the other devices listed here

(*5) NEOS Mouse originally was made for the MSX and then rewired for use with the C-64. originally the LMB is connected to pin 6 (FIRE) which is also used for strobe out - making the button unusable on C-64. It was likely done so it can still work in Joystick mode.

Applications with Mouse support

With early home computers having mouse support was rare - thus we omit systems where mouse support was common (like Amiga):


  • Advanced Art Studio V1.2B
  • Amica Paint
  • Argentine Songbook Vol. 1
  • Art Studio v1.4
  • C1351 Mouse Driver/Test
  • Contiki
  • Color Pack 2 (Avantgarde)
  • Commodore Free diskmag
  • D42-Adventure System (Protovision)
  • DBDesign
  • DotBasic Plus
  • Eddison
  • Flexdraw 5.5
  • Flick0r
  • FunkPaint (1351, Micromys, Amiga Mouse, Atari-ST Mouse)
  • Final Cartridge 3
  • FunkPaint
  • GEOS User interface
  • GoDot Picture manipulation program
  • Gunpaint 1.1
  • IDE64 CD Player v0.2
  • LIGHT Diskezine
  • M64
  • MapEddi 2 1351 fix
  • Mr. Edstar (Loadstar text editor)
  • Mr. Mouse (Loadstar utility)
  • MSSIAH music software (1351, Micromys, Amiga Mouse, Atari-ST Mouse in Port2. Hold CTRL and use crsr to navigate to "options" or hold CBM while sequencer starts up to activate 1351)
  • Mouse Cheese (NEOS Mouse, Port 2)
  • Mouse Driver V0.7
  • Mousetest v2
  • Music Mixer 6 (Padua)
  • NAV (File Browser)
  • OCP Advanced Art Studio v1.4 (patched version)
  • Paperclip Publisher
  • Pagefox
  • Pixel Perfect v1.1
  • Pocket Planner
  • Pocket Writer
  • Printfox
  • Pagefox picture and word processing
  • Picture Manager V1
  • Prophet64 music software (1351, Amiga Mouse, Atari-ST Mouse)
  • Saracen Paint
  • Scanfox
  • Scene World Magazine
  • SPREdit
  • Stop Press (1351)
  • Voicetracker v5 (Padua)


  • Paint R.O.I.A.L. (Markt & Technik)

Atari 8-Bit

  • big UPN calculator (PD) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 1)
  • BOSS-X (MS-Software, Mirko Sobe) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Diamond GOS (Reeve software) (Amiga Mouse, Atari-ST Mouse)
  • G.O.E. (Graphics Operating System) (Total Control Systems) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 1)
  • little Calculator (AMC-Verlag, PD) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Maus-DOS (ZONG 5+6/1993) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Multi-Mouse manager (PD)
  • S.A.M. (Screen Aided Manager) (Power per Post) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)

Games with Mouse support

With early home computers having mouse support was rare - thus we omit systems where mouse support was common (like Amiga):


  • C64 Civilizations (in development)
  • Advanced Space Battle (Protovision)
  • Arkanoid (US Version, Taito) (NEOS Mouse in Port1, select with N in menu)
  • Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh (1351 or NEOS Mouse in Port1, select with C or N in title screen)
  • Beam
  • Brickout
  • Centauri Alliance
  • Crazy News (Protovision)
  • Deja Vu (& Uninvited) (Easyflash Version)
  • Faery Tale Adventure
  • Heuristic Chomp
  • Juggler
  • Landmine
  • Leisure Suit Leo 2
  • Lemmings
  • Lords of Doom
  • Maniac Mansion (Mercury Version (1351 in port 2, press M to enable mouse driver)
  • Minesweeper (CP-Verlag)
  • Mine Sweep
  • Omega
  • Operation Thunderbolt (1351 in Port1 or Port2, NEOS Mouse in Port1, press F7 in start screen for options)
  • Operation Wolf (US-Version) (1351 or NEOS Mouse in Port2)
  • Operation Wolf (Euro-Version) (1351 or NEOS Mouse in Port2, depending on which version of the game is being used)
  • Shadow Of Evil
  • Soul Crystal
  • Space Chem Nano (p1x3l.net)
  • Space Lords (p1x3l.net)
  • The 15-Puzzle
  • The Faery Tale Adventure
  • The Final Chesscard (Port 2)
  • The House
  • The Secret Of Monkey Island Preview
  • The Ultimate Wormgame
  • Uninvited (& Deja Vu) (Easyflash Version)
  • Video Poker

Atari 8-Bit

  • Bombdown (Roemer of Uno) (Amiga mouse, Atari-ST mouse, CX-85 Keypad in Port 2. toggle in title screen with OPTION)
  • Faecher-Patience (ZONG 1/1993) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Final Legacy (Joystick Port 1, CX22 Trackball in Port 2 only in Sea-To-Air mode)
  • Geisterschloss (KE-Soft, PD) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Hong Kong (ZONG, Vol. 5+6/1993) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Macao (Zong 5+6/1994) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Minesweeper (Raindorf-Soft) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Missile Command (Atari) (press CTRL-T, old Atari 800 cart version works with Joystick and Trackball, newer XL version works with Mouse, Trackball and Joystick, Port 1)
  • M.O.S. (ABBUC magazine) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Multiplayer 2.1 (Madteam) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 1)
  • Operation Blood (ANG/Mirage) (Amiga Mouse in Port 2, Joystick in Port 1)
  • Operation Blood 2 / Special Forces (ANG/Mirage) (Atari-ST or Amiga Mouse in Port 2, toggle ingame with SELECT)
  • Shanghai (Activision) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2, use Joystick Port1 "Special" menu to enable Mouse)
  • Slime (Synapse) (press T for Trackball, S for Joystick, Port 1) (requires old-OS loader on 800XL)
  • Sprint XL (ABBUC Jahresgabe 1992) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • The Brundles (KE-Soft) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 1 or 2, hold SPACE while boot to enter config menu)
  • The Brundles Editor (KE-Soft, PD) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Unriagh I (german PD adventure) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Unriagh II (german PD adventure) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)
  • Vanish (ZONG, Vol. 5+6/1993) (Atari-ST Mouse in Port 2)


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