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... and Lightgun


See also DE-9 Connector, DE-9 Joystick, DE-9 Mouse, DE-9 Paddle


Pinout at the solder side in the computer is equivalent to the pinout at the outside of the plug at the cable, pinout at the solder side of the plug at the cable is equivalent to the pinout at the outside of the computer.

The following table is still under construction:

Pin Atari 800
Atari 7800
Atari VCS
Amiga Amstrad
1 Button /Button (*2) unused /Trigger (Beam) (*8) unused unused
2 unused /Trigger (Beam) (*5) unused /Trigger (Beam) (*5)(*9) unused unused
3 unused /Button (*3) unused ? unused unused
4 unused ? unused ? unused unused
5 unused Button (POTY) (*4) /Button 1 (Pen press) unused VCC VCC (+5V)
6 /Trigger (Beam) /Trigger (Beam) (*5) /Trigger (Beam) /Button (*5) (*8) /Trigger (Beam) /Button (TL)
7 VCC (+5V) VCC (+5V) VCC (+5V) ? /Button /Trigger (Beam) (TH)
9 unused unused (POTX) /Button 2 (POTY) GND GND unused

(*1) At the C-64 light pens must be connected to joystick port #1

(*2) "standard" Light pen

(*3) Stack light rifle

(*4) Magnum Light Phaser, Cheetah defender, MARPES light gun (Button must be connected to VCC)

(*5) Gun stick (This gun is somewhat weird, in that it uses pin 2 for the light sensor, and pin 6 for the trigger button)

(*6) Pinout refers to "Sega Mastersystem Light Phaser 3050"

(*7) Pinout refers to "ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser" which works with the game "Dungeon Hunter". Other games support the "Sega Mastersystem Light Phaser 3050".

(*8) Loriciel Phaser (West Phaser)

(*9) Amstrad LP-1 light pen

Applications with Lightpen support


  • GEOS has got a driver for the light pen for using the graphic programs GeoPaint and GeoCanvas.
  • CAD-Master
  • FlexiDraw 5.0/5.5
  • Koala Soft
  • Paintbox Package (Stack) for these games Crossword Twister, Seek and Destroy, Draughts, Concentration, Simon, Othello, Go-Go, Shuffler, Life, Lost in the Labrynth
  • Penmaster Art Package (Trojan) for C64/128
  • Picasso's Revenge

Lightgun Games

Atari 2600

  • Sentinel
  • Shooting Gallery (unreleased)
  • Bobby needs Food (homebrew)

Atari 7800

  • Alien Brigade
  • Barnyard Blaster
  • Crossbow
  • Meltdown
  • Sentinel

Atari 800

  • Barnyard Blaster
  • Bug Hunt
  • Crossbow
  • Crime buster
  • Gangsters Ville
  • Geisterschloss (KE-Soft, PD)
  • Operation Blood

Amstrad CPC

  • American Turbo King
  • A-Team, The
  • Bestial Warrior
  • Billy The Kid
  • Bronx Street Cop
  • Bullseye
  • Crazy Shot
  • Enforcer, The
  • F16 Fighting Falcon
  • Guillermo Tell
  • Jungle Warfare
  • Mike Gunner
  • Missile Ground Zero
  • Operation Wolf
  • Robot Attack
  • Rookie
  • Skeet Shoot
  • Solar Invasion
  • Solo
  • Space Smugglers
  • Steve McQueen
  • Target Plus
  • Trigger
  • West Phaser


  • Army Days (Magnum light phaser)
  • Baby Blues (Magnum light phaser)
  • Big Game Safari (Stack light rifle)
  • Blaze Out Collection (contains modified levels of Robocop, Combat School, Hyper Sports, Platoon, Rambo III) (Magnum light phaser)
  • Burnin' Pen (use a Lightpen)
  • Cosmic Commando (Stack light rifle)
  • Cosmic Storm (Magnum light phaser)
  • Crow Shoot (Stack light rifle)
  • Escape From Alcatraz (Stack light rifle)
  • Gangster (Magnum light phaser)
  • Ghost Town (Magnum light phaser)
  • Grilled until Dead (press : to enable lightgun)
  • Grouse Shoot - The Glorious Twelfth (Stack light rifle)
  • Goosebusters (Magnum light phaser)
  • Gunslinger (Magnum light phaser)
  • High Noon (Stack light rifle)
  • Hit the Buttons (Magnum light phaser, Stack light rifle, Lighthammer)
  • Indian Attack (Stack light rifle)
  • Lightgun Archery (unreleased) (Magnum light phaser)
  • Make my Day (unreleased) (Magnum light phaser)
  • Mike Gunner (Gun stick)
  • Operation Thunderbolt (Magnum light phaser)
  • Operation Wolf (Magnum light phaser)
  • Rats & Cats (Stack light rifle)
  • Shooting Gallery (Stack light rifle)
  • Shootin' Putin (Magnum light phaser, Stack light rifle)
  • Smack a Mole (Magnum light phaser, Stack light rifle, Lighthammer)
  • Starbase Defence (Stack light rifle)
  • Target Plus (Gun stick)
  • Time Traveller (Magnum light phaser)
  • Thunder 4th
  • Vengenance of Zeno (unreleased) (Stack light rifle)

Sega Mastersystem

  • Assault City
  • Gangster Town
  • Laser Ghost
  • Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting
  • Missile Defense 3-D
  • Operation Wolf
  • Rescue Mission
  • Rambo III
  • Safari Hunt
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Space Gun
  • Trap Shooting
  • Wanted!
  • Bank Panic!


  • Cosmic Sheriff
  • Solo
  • Target Plus
  • Duck Hunt
  • Mike Gunner
  • Dungeon Hunter (ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser)


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