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Clock generator circuit

This page briefly describes how to fix the clock generator circuit of the old 250407 board using the CSG8701-replacement

  1. remove the metal shield
  2. (Y1) Crystal - remove
  3. (FB17) Ferrite Bead - de-solder the pin to the left and bend it up
  4. (FB16) Ferrite Bead - remove
  5. (C36) Capacitor - remove
  6. remove the pins from the CSG8701 replacement (so you can safely close the metal shield later)
  7. (1) connect pin 6 of the CSG8701 replacement to the open pin of FB17 (dot clock)
  8. (2) connect pin 9 of the CSG8701 replacement to GND
  9. (3) connect pin 15 of the CSG8701 replacement to VCC (solder joint between R16 and C84)
  10. (4) connect pin 8 of the CSG8701 replacement to the solder joint that connected to the left pin of FB16 (colour clock)
  11. on the backside of the metal shield put some electrical tape at the position above the CSG8701 replacement to avoid any shortcuts.
  12. close the metal shield again. make sure the copper part firmly presses the VIC chip.
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