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  • There seems to be a problem that when the Chameleon is connected via an USB hub slows down all kinds of transfers dramatically. In such a case please try connecting the Chameleon directly to your PC and see if the problem persists. No solution for this yet.


  • Some stability problems have been reported for previous versions. If you still experience crashes, please report them.
    • "flash rbf" -> cancel -> exit ChaCo crashes? (cant reproduce on linux :/ Tobias (talk) 04:45, 18 January 2014 (UTC))


  • The provided binaries are currently dynamically linked, some problems with some linux distributions are expected. A statically linked binary will follow in the future. Most problems are related to the ChaCo GUI (and wx-widgets), so often “chacocmd” will work as a workaround.
    • Fedora ( #1 SMP i686 i686 i386) - Command line version seems to work, but GUI version does not.
    • Debian 5 (lenny) 64bit Kernel 2.6.26-2-686, Gnome 2.22.3 – USB timeouts. No solution for this yet

When reporting problems please include the following information:

  • First of all, try if “chacocmd” works (rather than the ChaCo GUI)
  • what distro you are using, including version and whether it is a 32 or 64bit system
  • the output of "uname -a" on the commandline (will include kernel version)
  • the output of "wx-config --version-full --cxxflags --cflags --cppflags --libs"
  • last not least: a detailed description on how to reproduce the problem
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