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Codenet is a simple Network Protocol invented by John "Graham" Selck. It was quickly adopted by others and became the defacto standard for cross developing using the RR-Net


A CodeNet server is normally listening on UDP port 6462. The protocol uses a request-reply mechanism to ensure that the server has received each packet. Every valid CodeNet packet is replied with a packet with the same sequence number and the service field set to ACK (0x01). Optional fields are not replied.

Codenet Packet
1 2 3 4
0xCA1F Sequence Service
Address (*1) Size (*2)
Data (*2)

(*1) required by DATA, FILL, JUMP (*2) required by DATA, FILL

Codenet Services
0x00 PING Ping server
0x01 ACK Packet acknowledgement
0x04 DATA Send data to C64 memory. Data size is limited to 128 bytes.
0x05 FILL Fill C64 memory with byte.
0x06 JUMP Jump to C64 memory adress.
0x07 RUN Run C64 program.


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