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A604n installed.jpg

The good success of our A604 memory expansion and frequent requests for a lower-cost solution resulted in a new version of the A604 called A604n. The main difference to the previous version is that the real-time clock is not included any more, but it can be retro-fitted with the RTC module. Users who don't require a realtime clock can now save that money.

The A604n is not just a 1MByte chipram expansion that brings the computer to it's maximum chipram size of 2MBytes; it provides much more than that! Despite the congested space inside of the A600, we've found a way to add multiple expansions:

  • a clockport for the RTC module
  • a clockport for standard A1200 expansion devices
  • a secondary clockport with higher speed for Subway or our forthcoming RapidRoad Highspeed USB module
  • a socket for the flickerfixer Indivision ECS

Even with all these expansions installed at the same time, you can still close the case of your Amiga 600. If used as a memory expansion only, the expansion can be installed without opening the computer. If you want to use the riser card, you will have to open the computer.



User Manual English/Deutsch (French)


subwayusb.device for secondary clockport


RTC optional

Those customers who only use their A600 for gaming now benefit from the lower price of the A604n compared to it's predecessor A604. Should you wish to add an RTC at a later point, the RTC module is plugged in this way:

A604n RTC.jpg

Riser card included

The tight space in the A600 is a challenge even to experienced modders. Arranging the clockports in a way that A1200 hardware can be added directly is not possible, so only clockport expansions with a cable can be used (for example Delfina, Silversurfer limited edition, Catweasel MK2). Unfortunately, sometimes even that cable takes too much space. This is why the A604n comes with a riser card that provides a good mechanical solution and a perfect space for the Subway USB controller by E3B. The riser card is mounted using the floppy drive's screw.

A604 Riser.jpg

Fitting an Indivision ECS

It may look congested, but it perfectly fits with a little bit of air between all components: Indivision ECS is installed in the socket which is mounted at the perfect angle to fit under the keyboard of your A600. Do not install a Denise chip in the flickerfixers's socket! The Denise chip is already there on the A600 motherboard, and a second one is not required (wouldn't work - better don't try!). This picture shows Indivision ECS and the RTC module installed at the same time, but the flickerfixer will also work without the RTC module.

A604n Indivision.jpg



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