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Autoconfig is probably still a trademarked term. We are not affiliated with the owner of this trademark. The term is used in a descriptive manner here, as the technology of not requiring jumpers for resource assignment of an expansion board has always been called like this on our favourite computers.

Vendor ID

individual Computers GmbH uses vendor ID 4626 (decimal) or 0x1212 (hex). Note that this number has not been assigned "officially", as during the time of Buddha development (late 1996), there was no entity that could have assigned an official number. Instead, a highly scientific method of obtaining a number was chosen: A coin was tossed for every bit of the 16-bit vendor ID.

product numbers

ID serial Product name Wiki link
0 0 Buddha 1997 version (green) Buddha
0 1 Buddha flash, 32k Xicor (black) Buddha
0 2 Buddha flash, 64k AMD (32k usable, black) Buddha
5 0 ISDN Surfer ISDN Surfer
7 0 VarIO VarIO
10 0 Kickflash OS4 Kickflash
21 0 ACA1221 ACA1221
22 0 ACA1221EC ACA1221ec
23 0 X-Surf (10MBit Z2 card) X-Surf
24 0 ACA1221lc ACA1221lc
26 2630 BigRam 2630 BigRAM2630
26 2631 BigRam 2630 (reverse edition) BigRAM2630
26 0 ACA1211 (64k register/Rom area) ACA1211
27 0 ACA1211 (8M memory area) ACA1211
42 0 Catweasel MK1 Z-II with Buddha Catweasel
42 2 Catweasel MK2 Z-II with Buddha Catweasel
64 0 ACA500 ACA500
65 0 ACA500plus ACA500plus
66 0 Catweasel MK3 Catweasel
68 (shows MHz) ACA1233n 2016.0 version ACA1233n
72 (shows MHz) ACA1233n 2016.0 version in 68ec020 mode ACA1233n
73 1/2 ACA500plus virtual autoconfig ACA500plus
33 (shows MHz)* ACA1233n mass production ACA1233n
32 (shows MHz)* ACA1233n mass production in 68ec020 mode ACA1233n
69 0 ACA630 ACA630
70 0 ACA620 ACA620
100 0 X-Surf-100 X-Surf-100
28 0 ACA1234 64k register space (Z2) ACA1234
29 0 ACA1234 128M memory space (Z3) ACA1234

(*): If the serial number is larger than 128, this indicates that the card is the 2019 version with IDE speeder. In that case, substract 128 from the serial number to get the actual MHz number.

other identification

Early ACA12xx accelerators use the "ACA common interface", which only makes use of a single data line. This method of identification is no longer used.

With product ID 26 used twice, there's additional identification of the serial number required: If product#26 has been found, the serial number will tell what product it really is: #0 is the ACA1211, and numbers 2630 or 2631 point to the BigRam2630. Further, flash/config software can do additional plausibility checks with the chipset found: If AGA has been detected, only ACA1211 can be in the system. If OCS/ECS has been detected, it can only be a BigRam 2630.

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