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Chameleon Core Bugs

Chameleon Menu Bugs

ChaCo Bugs

C64 Test Machines

Chameleon Test Procedure

If you find any bugs, please report them either directly to Individual Computers, or to the mailing list. Before doing so, please make sure you are running the latest version of the Turbo Chameleon FPGA Core.

To make it easier and more efficient for us to handle bug reports, please provide the following information with them:

  • whether you are using the Chameleon in standalone or cartridge mode
  • whether you are using PAL or NTSC
  • if you are using cartridge mode, then it would be helpful to know which kind of C64 it is (board revision, type of CIAs, VIC, SID). You can use Box Check:Type to get some related info without having to open the C64.
  • a detailed description that enables us to reproduce the bug
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